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Office clutter can be problematic for staff morale and productivity, but it doesn’t need to be. Time is frequently wasted looking for files, often files are buried in piles of paperwork on their desks, or in stacks of boxes out back.

It may be that you and your staff have become accustomed to the accumulated clutter and do not even notice it any more. Nevertheless the effects from the stress of working in a cluttered environment are still present.

By fitting out your office with simple and effective furniture solutions you will eliminate clutter and increase workspace efficiency.

Team Morale

Staff lockers are a great solution to solving the issue of personal items at work. Employees need to bring a certain amount of items from home and this “stuff” tends to accumulate under and around desks, creating an organised, unmotivated and unfocused work environment.

Personal clutter around workstations can be distracting for all team members. You can choose from decorative Unilock lockers as opposed to traditional metal ones, which are available in a huge range of laminate colours to suit your corporate brand. Lockers are a great choice to foster a productive and happy team environment.

Workstation Accessibility

Now personal items are stored away, what about work related clutter? All too often employees are left with stacks of files on their desks waiting on a stakeholder or calendar date. Workstation filing and storage options will also keep desks clutter free.

Again, you can match your office furniture choice to your Melbourne office design and brand. Choose from attractive designer storage to basic metal mobile pedestals or stationery tambour door cabinets. All are great fit out options to ensure workstations stay clean and clear of clutter, without causing stress to your staff. Remember “a cluttered desk is a sure sign of a cluttered mind”!

Volume Storage

Office clutter is not limited to workstations alone though. As old files accumulate they frequently end up in boxes. The boxes are then stacked in a room out the back or along hallways. Apart from being a safety risk, what happens when you need an old file quickly? There are a number of storage solutions for your Melbourne office that will remedy this situation. The most basic is shelving, which will lift boxes off the ground and allow them to be arranged in a logical order. But if you really want to up the game, install a Mobile Storage System. Built for large volumes of files that need to be accessed quickly, once installed you will wonder how you ever operated without it. Implementing a storage system for volume files, will keep employees safe and files accessible.

A cluttered environment can be hazardous and leaves little room for employees to think clearly, or operate professionally.However, with a range of office furniture fit out solutions for every requirement, the decision to incorporate them in your office is easy. Discuss the best office furniture solutions with the friendly team at Office Vision today.

We are here to make your office life clutter free, trouble free for smooth operation.

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