Tips For Returning To The Office Post Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed so much about our lives. By now you are starting to get the hang of working from home. And you may be beginning to wonder how you can prepare to bring people back into the office when the crisis subsides. Here are some tips on the first steps companies can take in the short term.

Keep your distance

Unless people are wearing face masks, the 1.5m social distancing rule should apply in the physical workspace until there is a COVID-19 vaccine and the coronavirus is no longer a health threat to employees. During the interim, spread out meeting and collaboration seating and encourage people to collaborate virtually whenever possible.

De-densify workstations

This might be a challenge in areas where desk spacing is tight, such as some open benching layouts. Consider using every other desk to create a buffer for each person. We have some great workstation and screen options.

Rethink dynamic and unassigned seating

Upon returning to the office, consider assigning what were formerly shared desks to individuals for a full day or week. Ensure they are disinfected before a new person uses the work setting.

Upgrade air filtration systems

The air we breathe is a shared resource, so invest in air-cleaning systems to protect your workplace.

Ramp up cleaning protocols

Organizations should implement professional cleaning protocols for workstations and other common areas at regular intervals throughout the day.

Practice good hygiene

Reinforce good hygiene practices with well-stocked touch-less soap and install plenty of hands-free dispensers with sanitizer in common areas.

Empower your people

Consider how employees will feel when they prepare to return to the office. Instead of mandating that everyone come back at once, perhaps offer the option for people to do it in waves.

Be open to new ways of working

The longer we work from home, the more new habits and new ways of working will begin to take shape. We will have discovered different ways to collaborate virtually.

We all expect the Corona Virus pandemic will cause major shifts in how we experience the world. So, as the crisis eases, we may well discover there have been fundamental changes in the way we work and in workplace design.

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