Designing Creative and Collaborative Spaces

Creative and collaborative spaces are often overlooked during office furniture fit outs. Disregarding this important business tool means missing out on utilising your best business assets, your employees. But are creative and collaborative spaces right for your Melbourne office? To understand the ideas surrounding this concept, we’ve examined its essential elements for you.

Room to move:

Creativity and collaboration can happen anywhere. However creative and collaborative rooms bring your employees together to learn from, as well as be inspired by each other – fostering creativity through fun and openness. By making a space available where employees have the courage to bring their positive as well as negative energy, ideas, and criticisms, you will find creativity and collaboration generate quicker and with more fluid thought and energy. Employees will find it easier to move in and out of concepts and differing points of view, and to explore ideas in a way that utilises each individual’s interests and strengths. It is worth noting too, that in creative and collaborative spaces everyone is equal. Ideas and concepts don’t know “management structure”. So break down management barriers and allow free flowing thought from everyone without those types of boundaries.

Layout and design:

The spaces are designed to keep employees constantly engaged in the process of creating and collaborating. Therefore you will need to supply plenty of white boards for staff to write on freely, enabling perpetual conversation and discussion. A wall of pin boards for photos or documents, allowing team members to keep a record of what they’ve been working on, show contribution and transparency, as well as inspire others. The rooms will have a different feel to the regular office space, putting employees in an altered pattern of thinking. You will want the furniture design to allow energetic movement as well as active posture, but also accommodate a more relaxed environment for reflection and critique. From standing desks and stools to coffee tables and sofas, mix it up and be creative with the office furniture in your creative and collaboration room.

Room Design Options:

There are three room designs that are perfect for the modern Melbourne office. Depending on the needs of your business you may only need one, two, or all three of these options:

  • Open space board rooms
  • Great for group/team collaboration sessions, or when employees need the room to move for greater flow of creativity.
  • Pop-up team spaces or huddle rooms
  • Small spaces spread around the office and available for employees to pop in and out of when needed. These rooms are highly visible to encourage everyone to utilize them consistently.
  • Hidden rooms
  • Perfect for employees to hide away in for private reflection or quiet collaboration.

When employees actively engage in creativity and collaboration, it creates momentum and drives them as well as the company forward. So it is vital that you take advantage of the opportunity to fit out your office with creative and collaborative spaces. This is easily done with the aid of partitions and careful planning. To create your dream fit out, call Office Vision and collaborate with them today.

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