Ergonomic Office Furniture Trends in Melbourne

Trends in Melbourne towards ergonomic office furniture , have gained favour-ability in new offices due to the substantial health benefits to your employees. Shared Desks and tables that encourage a collaborative and comfortable atmosphere, have also established themselves as the norm in modern office design. Looking at these trends, it’s easy to see why more savvy business owners are putting the health and comfort of their people first when planning an office fit out.

Ergonomic Chairs

When discussing your office furniture fit out with a fit out expert, your first consideration should be ergonomic chairs. Chronic back and hip pain, unexplained leg and abdominal pain, and eye-strain can all lead to absenteeism in the office. Ergonomic chairs are designed to alleviate these issues, enhancing employee efficiency and improving productivity. Incorporating ergonomic chairs into your Melbourne office fit out plan will create a more comfortable and efficient work environment for your team.

Sit-stand Workstations

Height-adjustable workstations are growing in popularity for office fit outs in Melbourne. A report by the Victorian government recommends the use of sit-stand workstations to reduce chronic diseases and long-term health risks associated with prolonged sitting. A participant in a case study on the Australian Heart Foundation website, reported that they felt standing up was like “taking a break” even though they were still working. Sit-stand desks also reduce the risk of tiredness at work, read more about that in our news post. The reasons for granting employees the freedom to sit or stand throughout the workday are clear. However installing them so they achieve maximum benefit for you and your office staff is important too. Therefore make sure you consult with office furniture fit out experts.

Shared Desks and Tables

Melbourne office furniture trends are reflecting an open plan layout for the modern office, with communal desks and tables. Modern technology and the push to go paperless, mean a reduced need for file storage and printers. While workstations of individuals are reducing in size, desks are actually getting larger. Desks are becoming “shared zones” where staff can share work and ideas more freely. This not only utilises space more efficiently, but also encourages team collaboration. Café style table arrangements are another piece of office furniture in Melbourne trending right now. These tables allow staff to come together for open communication and to share ideas as well. They also offer employees a chance to move from their regular workstations.

The collective benefits of these trends in office furniture for your employees and business are significant. Healthy and productive staff means fewer absences and greater employee retention. This translates to long-term reduced business costs and the ability for you and your team to get back to your companies core focus. Call Office Vision today and get the edge by speaking with one of our office furniture fit out experts.