Office Workstations – Finding the Right Fit

An employee’s workstation is their home away from home, so it is important to find the right fit for your staff. To maximise the potential of a successful office fit out, mix ergonomic furniture and accessories together with either open plan or private workstations. Thinking about the many options available can be overwhelming, so we’ve decided to help you out with a closer look at the basics.


In our last post we mentioned that ergonomic office furniture is trending in Melbourne. The furniture possibilities include ergonomic chairs and sit-stand workstation systems. These options help alleviate a multitude of chronic health issues in employees. The ability to change from sitting to standing, goes a long way to breaking the monotony of sitting in front of the computer screen all day. Ergonomic workstation choices extend beyond just office furniture. Options also include chair mats, monitor arms and CPU holders that can be used in conjunction with each other. They give staff systematic control over their workstation and allow them to personalise their space.

Open Plan and Collaborative

Open plan and collaborative desking is also trending in Melbourne office fit outs. This office furniture option encourages communication and is the perfect solution for teams and departments working together regularly. Open plan doesn’t only mean sharing a desk to collaborate with your neighbour. It’s sharing floor space in between desks as well. It’s the ability to meet in the middle and respond to fellow team members in real time. It’s the opportunity to discuss an idea or check facts face-to-face, instead of picking up the phone. The energy and vibe of the open plan office encourages team engagement and camaraderie. An open plan office area fit out can be designed to seat as many or as few employees as you need.

Private Workstations

On the other hand, Melbourne businesses are discovering the benefits of private workstations as well. “Co-op” space is undoubtedly valuable, however introverts, creative and non-interactive staff may benefit more from a private workstation. Options include screen systems that separate desk space or if you have the room, gridline partitioning. Gridline wall partitioning can turn an open area into one or more small offices. It’s not always practical to give every employee his or her own office, however you could have a shared office. Employees could use it as a hot desk area, when they need privacy or to think clearly. Screen and wall panel systems come in various shapes, heights, widths and configurations to suit your office needs.

Making sure you fit out the right workstation for your team can have a huge influence on the efficiency of your staff and business. Ergonomic options are more than just a trend. Finding the right combination with an open plan or private workstation ensures happy and productive employees.

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