Flexible Office Fitouts

While a new office fit out might feel fresh initially, over time, as office space is adapted and reconfigured to accommodate change, that freshness can be lost. To keep the newness alive and to ensure longevity of your Melbourne office fit out, take time in the design stage to contemplate both the current and future needs of your business. Below are some considerations and ideas to ensure your original fit out is flexible and functional for optimisation of your financial investment.

General considerations:

The two primary factors to consider are the needs of your employees combined with the needs of the business. An organisation that requires creativity and collaboration from its employees will be set up differently to one that specialises in data entry. Either way, opt for a generic design that reflects your brand and that can be customised to support organisational change. This includes choosing the right office furniture and finding the right layout design. There is a lot to think about, but discussing your needs with an expert fit out consultant will help alleviate any anxiety.

Work space design:

The main consideration for an office fit out design is churn. Churn is the continuous cycle of movement and changes within an organisation, due to changing service needs and functional requirements. This movement can involve people or equipment, therefore when designing workspaces ensure furniture is lightweight and reconfigurable. Hot-desking is a hot option for churn management; it is easier to move staff around if they are not attached to their seats. And a functional layout conducive to churn management, such as L-shaped desk clusters and zig-zag arrangements, will help make the most of your floor areas. Remember that it is best to move people first, before equipment. To make better use of general space, individual enclosed offices should be provided on a needs basis only. If you do need to incorporate private offices, utilise Gridline Partitioning, this can be reused and reconfigured offering full flexibility. Screens are a great idea if employees need privacy, heights can be adjusted accordingly for discretion or to facilitate communication and interaction.

Support space design:

Careful planning of support space can help maximise workspace. The first stop is to keep the reception and waiting area compact, being careful not to compromise on a positive first impression. En suites and kitchenettes involve water supply and drainage, so they should be restricted and strategically placed. Storage space though, is perhaps the biggest factor impeding efficient use of workspace. To overcome this obstacle, classify storage areas into active, intermediate, and archival to make them work more efficiently. Active, or operational, is storage around workstations. Tambour door cabinets on wheels are the best option for a high churn environment, as they can be moved with employees. Intermediate, or library, storage are files that need to be generally available, but are not necessarily part of the current work process. Intermediate storage can be centralised and placed in a proverbial corner. Finally, archival storage is high-density storage that is needed infrequently. The best place for archival storage is in a low-cost off-site storage facility, however if you do prefer to keep it on site you can install a mobile storage system.

Quick tips!

  • Generic design allows for greater flexibility and interchangeability
  • Maximise the use of lightweight, mobile, and multi-purpose office furniture
  • Design your fit out so reconfiguration of furniture does not facilitate the need to alter partitions and building services
  • Don’t over complicate the process
  • Talk to a design expert at Office Vision

Office Vision offers a ‘Free Layout & Design Service’, and our Interior Design Team can present a recommended solution based on your needs. When you take the step of entrusting Office Vision with your office fit-out, you can be assured that your Office fit out will be able to stand the test of time.

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