The Melbourne café scene is renown, so much so that there are now café inspired walking tours.

With their relaxed vibes and mellow ambiance, Melbourne business owners in the know are acknowledging the benefits of incorporating café elements into their office fit outs. Taking the form of café/breakout areas, there are plenty of elements that can be infused together to make your zone unique. From office furniture options to layout design, creating your café/breakout area has never been a more viable option than it is now.

The Benefits

Providing an informal area for employees to relax gives staff a chance to take a break from their desk, have a coffee, chat, and refresh. It also offers them somewhere to eat their lunch, away from their desks. And of course it will “jazz” up your office with a fresh new look. A café/breakout area is not just great for staff breaks. It is also the perfect opportunity to create an appealing office that boosts team camaraderie and motivates staff to come back every day. Engaging a casual atmosphere relaxes and calms employees, allowing creativity and work to flow.

Café Style Furniture

Smart and stylish café/breakout areas start with office furniture. You want to encourage staff to “chill out”, as well as connect with each other – inspiring collaboration. Funky tables and chairs will stimulate creativity, so choosing the right style and colour scheme is important. At the same time, you want to make sure you don’t cross the line into gaudy. Luckily you are spoilt for choice with the range of tabletop and seating styles, as well as colours available. Mix-and-match tabletops and bottoms, combine them with the right chairs and stools, and create a personalised fit out that suits your business and brand.

The Design Vibe

From traditional to modern, casual to formal, your café/breakout area should be design to inspire. When conceiving your café/breakout space, there are a few things to consider. What are the habits and personalities of your staff? How much room do you have? Will your design stand the test of time? Tables grouped together will help with team bonding, but secluded tables may be needed for any staff wanting to ‘zone out’ or make personal calls. Bright colours are great but is that the look you want to go for? Is that the look that suits your brand and business? Think about the size of your breakout zone, the size of your team and the practicability of your layout.

Café/breakout areas raise staff morale and enthusiasm. Designed to give staff a break from their desks, the aesthetics of a properly incorporated zone will impress anyone who enters your office space. You can turn your Melbourne office into a beacon of encouragement and inspiration. But don’t leave it to chance, and hope you will get it right. For a successful café/breakout zone fit out, call Office Vision today and we will help you make the transition a walk in the park, or rather a walk among cafés.

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