Melbourne is a fashion hub of Australia, so why not invite fashionista chic into the office?

Allow yourself to be inspired by the great Melbourne style that surrounds your office daily. Reflect your brand with style and inspire clients to say ‘yes’ to your business. Layer your office furniture in colours and textures that enhance the mood and motivation of your employees. Fashionable styling of your office furniture can be easily achieved with simple choices that give your office a personalised uniqueness.

Custom style

True followers of fashion don’t hide, they stand out from the crowd. Be the talk of the town. Let visitors know as soon as they walk in, that they have walked into your office. Is it a vibrant and exciting office you want to present to the world? Or do you want to be known as the epitome of professionalism? With the right colours and textures, tap into the sensory experience of your staff and visitors. Make your brand stand out while enhancing the mood and productivity of your employees. From chair and screen fabrics to desking finishes, add invigorating flair to your Melbourne office furniture.

The colour palette

With a paintbox of colour at your fingertips, indulge in your office fit out styling. Add a soothing and refreshing new look with bright colours like red and orange, to raise energy, stir up excitement, and create a strong first impression. Greens stimulate much-needed focus for the office, and along with blues, have a calming affect on staff – great for stress management. To give your Melbourne office furniture fit out an edge, don’t forget the neutrals to balance out and accentuate the bright colours. Envelop your office furniture in one colour theme or mix and match schemes. But be wary of creating too much contrast, this can be distracting and demotivating, creating the opposite desired effect.

Adding texture

Design an atmosphere that doesn’t just look right, but feels right too. Chair and screen fabrics create a tactile environment that staff and visitors can connect to. Fabrics enliven colour, offering a three-dimensional look that stands out and draws people in. Chair fabrics come in different interweaves, again changing the look of each colour. For great results, let your fabric complement your colour scheme. When looking at desking finishes, keep in mind that the timber look provides warmth for the workstation. Light, bright surfaces encourage energetic flow and stimulate the brain. While dark surfaces promote focus and concentration. The deciding factor for your fabric and finish choices will be settled by your branding and staff considerations.

Take the opportunity to be creative with your choices. Give your office the traditional look or add a touch of panache to liven things up. But be bold and be individual. Deliver a great first impression with a fashion inspired office fit out, and put your distinctive stamp on the Melbourne office scene.

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