Office Design Trends

Designing your office furniture fit out can seem like a big task, since there appears to be a new office design every six months. The truth is some of these are not so new. Typically they are rehashed trends or variants on existing ones. Often business owners are concerned about taking that first step towards an office fit out, because they don’t know where to start. So to help you get started, we have taken a look at the current popular trends and picked out a few of the most versatile and basic ones.

Break down the walls

Traditionally the office has been dominated by cubicles and separate offices. This causes derision and resentment among workers. They feel alienated from each other and misunderstood by their superiors. By taking away the walls that separate individuals and management, you take away the barriers to communication and understanding. You also open up opportunities for collaboration and team work.

Collaborative rooms and central zones

Don’t assume your employees will come together and collaborate though, make it happen. Ensure your office is fitted out with collaborative rooms where employees can go to bounce ideas off each other. Provide central zones between desk layouts, allowing individuals to turn to each other and collaborate on the spot. Fit out your central zones with sofas or standing desks to encourage creativity and collaboration.

Touch down stations

An emerging trend in the modern Melbourne office, Touch Down Stations are useful for spontaneous meetings and perfect for visiting representatives, executives, and staff that work predominantly outside of the office. Set the space up with lightweight chairs and tables for ease of maneuverability, as well as whiteboards for collaboration and training. You will need to ensure connectivity for laptops and position them where permanently placed employees won’t be encroached on.

Activity Based Working

Best suited for large scale businesses, Activity Based Working (ABW) incorporates a variety of styles and provides employees the freedom of choice. Allocated seating is removed from the equation and staff are free to choose where they work and what equipment they work with. ABW gives your Melbourne office staff a sense of ownership over their office and their work. Everyday is different and they can tailor their working style each day to suit the tasks that need to get done.

Café/Breakout areas

With the intention of offering employees a chance to escape the stress or tedium of their desks, café/breakout areas are a perfect spot for employees to unwind and relax. A well designed café/breakout area allows interaction and camaraderie. Often employees are so focused on their work that they miss out on connecting with their colleagues, which is vital for a cohesive team. Café/break time is the perfect opportunity for them to make this connection.

Office trends are continually evolving, but designing your Melbourne office furniture fit out doesn’t need to be a daunting task. We have given you a springboard here to get started. The next step is talking to an office furniture fit out specialist and expanding on these basic options.

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