Office Layout and Design

The modern office is no longer made up of cubicles filled with employees tediously working away in their own bubble. Sharing ideas and information is essential in the modern work place and today’s workers require variation for inspiration. Optimising office furniture layouts with clever concepts such as central zones to encourage impromptu discussion and quiet areas for deep reflection, are gaining in popularity. So to is taking more thought and care with the customisation of office fit outs and design.

Central Zones

As traditional workstations are being downsized, floor spaces are moving towards becoming central zones. These central zones are informal areas designed to promote creativity and communication by encouraging a more relaxed working style. Create an energetic space that’s suitable for casual meetings and with seating that can be easily arranged. A communal environment with office furniture designs that nurture creativity might just be the edge your Melbourne office needs. Modern technology means you no longer need to work from your desk to research, write a report, or talk to a colleague overseas. So ensure you plan your central zone office fit out with suitable options for your staff to plug in their phone or laptop for video conferencing.

Quiet/Focus Rooms

Now that office fit outs are incorporating open plan office space, the office quiet zone or focus room is becoming a common sight in Melbourne offices. Often staff complain of an inability to focus because of chatter, or continual interruptions when they have a deadline approaching. Quiet zones are a sanctuary for employees who need to concentrate and finish their work without the noise and hubbub of the open plan area. To implement the quiet/focus room properly in your fit out, situate the room away from central zones. Make it a rule too, that anyone in the quiet zone can’t be disturbed. Employees should be able to move to the quiet zone whenever necessary and stay there as long as they need. Open plan offices may foster collaboration and creativity, but they can offer distractions as well, a quiet or focus room is the best solution.


Make the change and create an office that reflects the modern work lifestyle. From café/breakout areas to quiet/focus rooms, there are a number of ideas to help provide the right setting for collaborative working and individual productivity. Customising your office layout and design is essential for the modern office, and for attracting and retaining the best staff. Call Office Vision and plan your Melbourne office revamp with one of our expert fit-out designers.