Taking care of Business – Employee Health

Flu season is nearly at an end, however it pays to remember that the flu is not the only ailment that keeps employees away from work. Stress and general malaise are also sources of employee sick days. Lack of fitness, bad eating, and psychological stress can all lead to physical illness. Therefore it is within your best interest to ensure employees are taking care of themselves, by incorporating an Employee Wellness Program into your Melbourne office. The benefits of a good program are decreased sick days and stress leave, as well as increased productivity and focus.

Psychological Health Test

The mind is a powerful tool, used wisely it can help an individual achieve greatness – otherwise it can be the downfall of an individual. Taking care of psychological health is probably the most important Wellness Solution. Open up avenues of communication with your employees so that you’re aware of personal problems, then ensure they have everything they need to get through it. This can include paying for counselling services, otherwise there are a multitude of organisations that help for free. Watch out for psychosocial hazards as well, such as workplace bullying and workplace stress. The Australian Government has recommendations for dealing with these psychosocial hazards worth checking out and incorporating in your Melbourne office.

Physical Health Test

Do you want employees that are more focused, energised and confident in the office? Then you want them to be more active outside of the office. Offering to pay for gym memberships or becoming part of a corporate program at the local gym, can help to spur employees on to be their physical and therefore mental best. If paying for gym memberships has you digging deep, a corporate membership program puts the onus to pay on the employees, but they get value added benefits. Fit employees are healthier, manage stress better and have increased morale. A good fitness program also aids in injury prevention and maintenance. In the office get rid of sodas and sweet treats from the company kitchen and replace them with fruit and juice. Eliminate the vending machine too and provide healthy snacks for staff to purchase instead.

It is also beneficial to provide yearly flu shots for employees. This will reduce downtime of employees on sick leave and minimise poor performance due to ill health in the office.

Environmental Health Test

Make your Melbourne office a safe, as well as fun and enjoyable place to be. Ergonomic office furniture and game/breakout areas are a must for your Wellness fit out. Ergonomic chairs keep the body in proper alignment when sitting; this means less stress on joints and fewer cases of injury. Having said that, sitting all day has been linked to heart disease and bone density loss, as well as weight gain and fatigue. Standing/height adjusted desks will get employees up out of their chairs to increase blood flow, as well as improve energy and concentration. A game/breakout area will give staff a place to go and release stress. Consider investing in Ping-Pong or Pool Tables and board games, to encourage team camaraderie and healthy competition. Plants in the office are also known to have a soothing effect on people.

An Employee Wellness Program is a smart business move. There are Victorian Government initiatives to help out, but the benefits of less sick days and more productivity at work, outweigh any initial or ongoing costs. Talk to Office Vision today, to see what changes you can make to your office to improve the health and wellbeing of your valued employees.