The Power of the Partition – Office Design

Do you feel like your office is in need of a revamp? Maybe your current office space no longer fulfils the requirements of your business. Perhaps your team has grown and you’re currently squeezing ten employees into a space that use to fit five. Whatever the reason you’re thinking of moving, you may not have to. Think instead of re-imagining your current space. Small or awkward areas can easily be transformed into an area better suited to your changing needs. By incorporating partitioning ideas into your office furniture fit out, you can ‘move’ into a new office space without actually moving.

Complete Reinvention Solutions

Great for large-scale office remodelling, Gridline Partitioning is a cheaper and easier alternative to plasterboard walls and glass. Environmentally friendly and able to encompass integrated cable management, Gridline offers a large range of sizes and colours. Why not take advantage of our free layout and design service, to ensure you make the most your Melbourne office transformation. Installed by qualified technicians Gridline Partitioning is completely re-usable, and can be leased to give you peace of mind around future changes.

Inspired Minimalistic Workspace

If you want an open plan look concept design for your office furniture fit out, then go with the Connect 30 or Cubit 50 screen ranges instead. For staff that still need privacy or to focus, include higher screens in-between desks and turn workstations into “mini-offices”. The range of accessory options, including paper trays, shelving and binder holders, means you can ensure your staff have what ever they need at their fingertips. In addition arrange the set up with pedestal or tambour cabinets so they can keep files and tools nearby too. Reflect the personalities of individuals and teams, as well as your brand, with a variety of colour and fabric options.

Accommodating Continual Change

Versatile and customisable, the Cubit 50 range is great for Melbourne businesses experiencing rapid growth or frequent change. In a constantly shifting business landscape, the need to make repeated changes with your office furniture is becoming a common issue. With the right partition system, you can add or subtract panels to configurations, as the business needs dictate. Alter workstations with ease to adapt to the changing needs of your business and employees. Combine the freedom and flexibility of demountable partitions with integrated cable management, and you can’t go wrong.

If you find that you really do have to move, you can still fit out your new office space with these great ideas. However it’s easy to re-invent difficult office space and approach the changing needs of your Melbourne office, without putting your staff and business through a costly and annoying relocate. If you have to change things up today, you’ll no doubt need to change things down the track, are you going to relocate each time? Whether you want to fashion new rooms or create an open plan office, there is an option for you. Make the move without going anywhere and call Office Vision to discuss your renovation ideas.