Useful Tips for Designing your Office Space

Designing your Office and choosing office furniture can be a challenging task, we’ve outlined some of the common challenges that are often overlooked in the design process when undertaking a new office fit out.


Your staff must have space to work. This includes quiet space to focus on projects, collaborative space to share ideas with colleagues as well as breakout spaces freshen-up and recharge during breaks throughout the day. Having a comfortable, spacious office environment will ensure your staff remain motivated and invigorated throughout the day.

Light Penetration

A common factor overlooked during the design process is the importance of natural light. Capitalising on the natural light available in your office space is an excellent way to save energy and make your office space feel more ‘natural’ and less confined. Ways to do this is the use of more open office areas which reduce walls, as well as the using glass office partitions to let natural light distribute throughout the office. Where solid plaster walls are needed, a thin glass section at the top of the partition (around 400mm below the ceiling) will still let natural light through.

Ambiance / Sound

A noisy work environment can be extremely detrimental to staff productivity, with over 60% of people finding noise as the most distracting feature in their workplace. Noise can be managed by the use of acoustic panels. Huge strides have been made in acoustic technology over recent years and they can be incorporated into workstation screens, decorative ceiling waffles, wall mounted features as well as free standing acoustic panels.

Furniture Ergonomics

Choosing the correct Seating and Office Workstations for your project is crucial. Height Adjustable desking is becoming more popular due to the proven health benefits pf regular periods of standing during the day. The staff at Office Vision can talk you through the many office workstation options to ensure you get the correct product with the features to suit your requirements. Appropriate seating is also critical. We often get clients (who have brought cheap, poor-quality seating a year earlier), come to us with broken chairs and back issues amongst their staff. It is worth investing in quality, ergonomic seating that will support your back throughout the whole day, and adjust to different size people.

How Office Vision can help

We have over 15 years’ experience in designing office spaces that work. Office Vision Commercial Furniture are Melbourne’s Premier provider of Office Workstation and Office Fitout Solutions. We serve hundreds of client each year in designing and supplying office spaces, seeking to extract the maximum potential efficiency out of every office space. Our Free Layout & Design Service includes free on-site consultation with our sales staff as well as free preliminary workstation and office fit-out drawings and concepts. Our range of office furniture, office workstations and office fit out material present a large range of options to meet the needs of your requirements.

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