Workplace Strategy

Globally, businesses large and small are making exciting changes in how their people are working and how that can aid their business model. Within these organisations, how the workplace is designed is seen as critical in improving business performance. The work of employees and leaders alike is enhanced by workplace environments that facilitate smart practices, healthy culture and access to the right technological capabilities. Here at Office Vision we want to bring our clients in to this exciting space and work together to achieve Workplace Strategies fitted to their businesses.

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Workplace Strategy: What is it and how does it affect you?

Workplace Strategy is how we connect our expertise to your business. In other words, Workplace Strategy is how we use our skills and knowledge to complete Workplace Transformations[1] that best serve your product, services, your employees’ needs and goals of your business.

It’s a catch-all term for how we find the everything you need to support your people and provide a platform for business success, including:

  • Location
  • Workspace Spaces
  • Technology
  • Design

No two businesses are the same. Further from that, two businesses in the same industry that target similar markets can have different cultures and outlooks on how they view their work. It’s for this reason we want to collect as much information as possible on you, your people and your business so the Workplace Strategy we agree on is as finely tuned towards your goals and your team’s wellbeing.

Having Office Vision on your team gives you access to the latest resources, insights and research in Interior Design. For this reason, while we draw up your Workplace Strategy, we will take opportunities to advise you of how we think your business can operate better when there is room for progress in how your physical fit-out is designed; in workplace practices and technologies; or we feel a different location might suit your needs better. For instance, we may suggest re-evaluating your current approaches by taking steps such as:

  • Designing spaces in ways that encourage more collaboration across teams and departments;
  • Suggesting using specific Finishes, furniture or colour schemes;
  • Providing opportunities in the space for employees to work away from their desk in other locations in the office[2] .

This doesn’t mean we will be telling you how to run your business or pressuring you in to increasing your budget to pay for more expensive equipment. We want to be partners with you in defining and proposing new working practices and understandings to help your people perform at their best. This means bringing the best ideas and approaches to the table when we see an opportunity to do so and bringing you in to the conversation when we think we can re-evaluate your Workplace Strategy[3].

[1] Check out the ‘insights’ tab to find out more about Workplace Transformations

[2] Keep an eye out for articles on ‘Agile’ and ‘Activity Based Working’ coming soon

[3] Check out the ‘Insights’ tab to find out more about Client-Contractor Relationships in Planning your Project

Our Goal

Our goal is to design and build a solution you can see yourself participating in. This means that, together, we build Workplace Transformations that you can advocate for in your team and lead your people in adjusting to new surroundings and ways of working.

We believe that when business choose to take up our expertise and adjust how they work; their leaders must act as role models and offer their team genuine enthusiasm for the change. Managers, CEO’s and any individual in a leadership position ought to steward their team in to their new fit-out and the opportunities it offers to work smarter and healthier.

Therefore, we endeavour to offer Workplace Strategies that can expand your horizons by giving expert advice while keeping you feeling positive and confident about being flexible in how you and your employees work.

Want to Know More?

Curious about what we do or work we’ve done? Visit the Our Work page of our website – there you’ll find some ‘case studies’ – examples of work we’ve completed in the past for prior and continuing clients.

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