What office desk will suit you and your space?

When choosing desks for your office fit out, the temptation is to make decisions based on the shape and size of the office. While this is important, the main concern should be with what’s best for you and your employee’s workflow requirements. If you successfully pick the right office furniture, energy and focus can flow more freely. From corner desks to straight, desk selection is important. So we thought we would take a look at some of the basic shapes, to help you evaluate which option best suits your office fit out.

Corner and L-Shaped

Corner and L-Shaped desks are flexible and perfect for utilising the corners of an office. Traditionally the computer screen sits on the angle, which can create ‘lost’ space behind the monitor. If the monitor is positioned on one of the sides instead, then the remaining space can be employed as a paperwork zone. This is not only better use of the surface, but it will also prevent you or your employee’s from leaning forward and resting on the desk corner, putting undue pressure on wrists and elbows. If the option of putting the screen on the angle is taken, with today’s bigger, flat screen monitors it can be pushed further back to exploit the space in front. Additionally modern corner and L-shaped desks tend to be ergonomically designed to eliminate the lean.

U-Shaped and 120 Degree Desk Clusters

U-Shaped desks and 120 Degree Desk Clusters are a step up from corner and L-shaped for offering more desktop surface. U-shaped desks are ideal for people who work with dual monitors or who need to spread out. They provide two distinctly separated work surfaces, but they do take up a lot of room. 120 Degree Desk clusters are great options for call centres as well as collaborative open offices where zones can be created with the desks. Although smaller than L-shape desks, they deliver ‘usable’ desk space that is easy to reach. Because of their size and potential volume, both options would work best either in an office that has the capacity or one that doesn’t need much office furniture.


Straight desks are the most traditional and versatile desk shape for an office fit out. Though there is no clear work area separation, with most people placing the screen in the middle of the desk to work on either side. With a bit of thought put into allocating a spot for the computer screen and a zone for paperwork, the straight desk will work better for you or your employee’s. Straight desks are also a great office furniture choice for collaborating or consulting, as it’s much easier to pull up a chair up next to someone on a straight desk.

There are many variations on these basic shapes, for example some desks have rounded ends, or you can add in shelving and/or cupboards, and there are variants on length and width. If working with files and items spread out down one side of the desk is preferable, then an L-Shape would be a fantastic selection. If working minimally, the decision might tend towards a short straight desk. If everything is needed close by then go for a desk that shapes around you or your employee’s. Choosing the right office furniture takes careful thought and planning, so call us today to discuss which option shapes up best for you and your Melbourne office fit out.

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