Benefits of Standing Desks

For office workers that spend the majority of their working day at desks, one of the biggest risks to their health can be too much sitting. Studies have shown that people who sit a lot may have an increased risk of conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. It is for this reason that office workers are encouraged to get away from their desks regularly through the day for movement breaks, but another solution is standing desks.

Standing desks come in various styles and are essentially designed to allow people to work comfortably in a standing position; their benefits are mostly health related. They can be adjusted in order to accommodate both sitting and standing positions, as well as different heights for the best comfort for individual workers. See below for the benefits of standing desks:

Health Benefits of Standing Desks:

Standing desks are part of a new wave of office furniture as workers and employers alike pay more attention to health, lifestyle and working environments. With workers who sit down for an average six hours a day at an increased risk of many potential harmful effects that range from weight gain to heart disease, standing desks provide a healthy alternative.

Standing desks are now quite popular with office workers and are credited with improving worker health and productivity. Health benefits include the following:

  • Reduced risk of weight gain or obesity: Simply standing at your desk for a couple of hours instead of sitting can help you to burn over 1000 calories.
  • Lower risk of heart disease: Sitting all day at your desk is considered so harmful even an hour of exercise after work may not be sufficient to make up for it.
  • Standing for part of your day is an easy way to improve your health.
  • Lower Blood sugar levels: Another benefit of using a standing desk, especially after meals, is the potential to reduce your blood sugar levels.

In addition to helping modern day office workers lower their risk to such serious health issues caused by sitting too long, standing tables may also be helpful in solving one of the most common office complaints; bad backs. Studies undertaken to see the desks effect on back pain found an improvement of just over 30%, which may not sound like much, but for chronic back pain sufferers may be a godsend.

Even more benefits of Standing Desks

From a business point of view, some studies have also found that allowing employees to use standing desks can improve productivity. The reason for this is that other studies have looked at the effect of working while standing and found that workers’ overall well-being improved markedly. This means that standing desks may contribute to a more positive outlook, increased energy throughout the working day and therefore improved worker productivity.

With the ability to install adjustable standing desks, it is easy to switch your work position between sitting and standing without sacrificing much but gaining a healthier and more positive workforce for your organization.

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