We bring 20+ years of experience, clever ideas, inspiring solutions and contemporary style to pull together a workspace that meets your specific, needs, goals and requirements.

Our interior design includes layout design & space planning, material finishes & Colour selection, mood boards, 3D renders, furniture selection, concept design, design brief

Optimising space utilisation

Maximising natural light

Selecting ergonomic furniture

Incorporating brand elements

Our team is dedicated to creating a workspace that inspires productivity, fosters a positive work culture and attracts and retains talent. Let us tailor a design solution that aligns with your company’s vision and enhances the well-being of your employees, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Elevate your office experience with our tailored design expertise.


Office Vision Flowchart thrilling and professional working progress, with three dynamic steps: define, design and deliver.

do I need an office interior design update?

Consider redesigning if your current workspace hinders productivity or doesn’t reflect your brand. Office Vision offers a free onsite assessment to evaluate your design needs.

what are the key benefits of an office interior design?

Benefits include enhanced employee satisfaction, optimised space usage, improved aesthetics, and a positive work environment that boosts productivity.

what kind of permission or regulations will I need?

Ensure compliance with building regulations and consult your landlord before making changes. Office Vision’s specialists guide you through all legal requirements.

how should I prepare for an interior design project?

Form a planning team, possibly engage an external company, and research thoroughly. Use Office Vision’s project management for a seamless design process.

how should I approach budgeting for the interior design?

Use Office Vision’s project budget estimator to get an initial cost estimate, ensuring financial clarity from the start.

How long will the interior design project take?

Office Vision tailors project timelines to meet your specific needs, ensuring efficiency and client satisfaction.


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