What is a Workplace Transformation?

Workplace Transformations are comprehensive refurbishments of office workplaces.

Workplace Transformations do more, however, than fill your space with furniture and equipment. Workplace Transformations are design solutions informed by research and thorough assessments of everything that impacts the way your employees need to work at their best*.  And most critically, we then arrange the construction of the project, oversee the build at all stages and manage the and acquisition of relevant permits and compliance with relevant building codes. All this is done whilst maintaining regular dialogue with you about the progress and details of your project as they emerge.

For clients new to Office Vision or for those seeking to understand our service, it can be difficult at first to quantify our skills, our expertise and our impact on your workplace project. One way to simply describe what we do for our benefit and yours is our three-stage strategy: Define; Design; Deliver.

Client-Contractor relationship in planning your project:

At Office Vision, we know how vital is for clients feel empowered and engaged in their project from the get-go. Getting to know you, speaking a common language and maintaining easy and regular dialogue is both part of our values and built in to nuts-and-bolts of how we work.

Without knowing the facts about a workplace and the people that work there, all that can be offered is a best guess at what a good job might look like. Likewise, when contractors are not actively engaging their clients in the progress of their project, they are left with a workplace that falls short of meeting theirs and their employee’s needs. That’s why, moving forward, Office Vision is committing to meaningful and productive relationships with our clients, most critically at the ‘Define’ stage of your project.

Delivering the best service to you 2021 requires us to use a wide lens – this means having the conversations and meetings necessary to not only understand your business’s products, services, budget and deadlines; but also, the diverse needs of your employees, the culture you want to encourage in your workforce and what specific tasks your employees do require from the space they work in.

The goal here is to collect as much information and holistic understanding of you and your people so that our design solutions impact your business, it’s capacity to achieve its goals and the well-being of your employees in the most positive way possible.

Want to know more?

Curious about what we do or work we’ve done? Visit the Our Work page of our website – there you’ll find some ‘case studies’ – examples of work we’ve completed in the past for prior and continuing clients.

Still have more questions about our service or want to chat with one of our team? You can visit our FAQ page; leave us a message, or call us at the office on

1300 886 658.

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