Deciding whether you need to move workplace?

Are you thinking about relocating or refurbishing? It can be a hard decision to make. Here are some things to consider before you decide if you should move or stay at your current location:

Analyze your current office space:

Before making any decisions it is best to analyze your current space. Consider factors such as its size, layout, functionality, and overall condition. Workout what you require and see if your space caters to these needs or does it hinder your business growth and operations. If your workplace lacks your requirements it might be time for a change.


The cost of relocating can be quite expensive, not only do you need to consider the cost of leasing or purchasing a new space, but also the expenses associated with moving, renovating, and setting up the new location. Weigh these costs against the budget you have available to determine whether relocation is feasible. In some cases, refurbishing your current workspace or if you have warehouse room a raised mezzanine office is a great way to expand and most likely to be more cost-effective options.


A new location can have many benefits to your business, including, new business neighbors, better amenities, closer to public transport and other facilities. When moving location there are many things you need to consider. Are you close to your target market, suppliers, and workforce? Consider whether relocating to a different area or neighborhood could provide better access to these essential factors.

Employee Well-being:

The well-being of your employees is crucial for productivity and retention. An outdated or uninspiring workspace may negatively impact their motivation and job satisfaction. Take their feedback into account and consider whether refurbishing your existing workspace with modern amenities and a better layout can improve their work environment.

Brand Representation:

Your workspace is a reflection of your brand. A well-designed and aesthetically pleasing workspace can leave a positive impression on clients and partners. If your current space does not align with your brand’s identity, a refurbishment or a move to a more fitting location may be necessary to enhance your brand image.

Lease Agreement Terms:

If you are currently leasing your workspace, review your lease agreement. Determine if you have the flexibility to make necessary changes to the space or if you are locked into a long-term contract. If relocation is the preferred option, ensure you have the freedom to do so without incurring significant penalties.

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Deciding whether to relocate, refurbish or extend your workspace is a multifaced decision that requires a careful assessment of your current situation and future goals. Each option has its own set of advantages and challenges. By thoroughly considering factors such as your current workspace, growth plans, budget, location, employee well-being, brand image, lease terms, you can make an informed decision that best suits your business needs and objectives.

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